Audio Services


The mood of any film or video sequence is often set by the audio. By improving the audio, the impact of the picture can also be dramatically improved.

As sound designers, our job is to improve the sound of a sequence by inserting or manipulating audio elements using our large sound effects and music library. We can also add narration, extra voices, and an original music score.

Here at Vflex Media Group we have designed sound for genres including television, web videos, corporate training videos, documentaries, live events, and more.

In addition to our full range of video services, we also offer a full range of sound design services including:

• Voiceovers
• Special effects sound editing
• Sound “sweetening”
• Stereo & 5.1 surround mixing
• Recording
• Dialogue clean ups
• Track laying

Do you need that last refining touch for your video?
Do you want to impress clients with your video’s high level of professionalism?
Let Vflex Media Group design the sound on your next project!


Sound Design: Video Game 001



Sound Design: Video Game 002



Sound Design: Sound FX 001



Sound Design: Commercial 001



Sound Design: Commercial 002